Welding News 30th September

MagneGas Corporation (“MagneGas” or the “Company”), the developer of a technology that converts liquid waste into a hydrogen-based fuel, announced today that Lake Welding Supplies, Inc. (“Lake Welding”) from Belle Glade, Florida has signed as a distributor selling MagneGas™ fuel to the Southern region of Florida. Lake Welding will be sourcing the fuel from MagneGas headquarters in Florida for the entire Southern region. Read more

Fox Valley Tech has introduced a course in robotic welding at its Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center on Oshkosh’s south side this semester as it responds to changing demands of area manufacturers. Read more

Bond Commission OKs grants for expanding manufacturing program at Groton tech school, improvements for Norwich school  The commission approved $1.2 million for Grasso programs, including welding and metal fabrication. The money will pay for equipment and other improvements Read More


A welders view of a typical day at High Country Fabrication in Casper

Edison Welding Institute will benefit from new national innovation funding

Lamba Welding Systems a 25-YEAR-OLD family-run engineering firm, whose welding machines made fencing for the London Olympic Games, is primed for international dominance after a major expansion

Looking for welding jobs?

Welder welding a pipe

Welder welding a pipe

Register for Welding Jobs for Free

If you are looking for a job in welding why not register for free at International Welder.

It has taken some time to know which direction to run with International Welder and has been rather frustrating as the website gets visits from all over the world from welders looking for jobs and companies recruiting welders.

The most frustrating part was not being able to help welders who contact me regularly looking for welding work, so it made sense to create a website were welders can upload there details for free and then can be found by companies and recruiters.

So after about 7 years it made sense to change the structure of the website to enable companies to find welders rather than advertise vacancies.

And to get it going the website is free to find welders and to register as a welder.

On top of this at some stage I will look for an ex welder to run the site. So if you are looking for a welding job why not register your details and let the welding companies find you!

International Welder for Sale

I have been running international welder since 2006, well that is how long the website has been up. Unfortunately as I no longer specialise in this market and have no experience of welding I am keen to sell to either a welder looking for an alternative income or to a recruiter who specialises in the welding industry.

The website has a huge potential to generate a second income as it generates over 4000 hits per month and the website has close to 300 welders registered on the website looking for work!

It is difficult to put a figure on how much revenue it could generate, but it would be easy to recoup the cost of £500 it just needs a little imagination from someone in the industry.

Having run a similar website for a number of years, it has proved quite profitable but the real value was in the contacts I made and the jobs that I was offered.

If you do not feel confident in parting with £500. I would be happy to split the profits generated. Also I can help with expertise in giving advice and how to run the site and basic upgrades if you are not IT literate.

Should you be interest please contact me by email at stephen@recruitment-views.com or call me direct on 0161-241 9499

Welding Jobs and FaceLift

I know it has been sometime since I wrote here last, probably as it has been a little difficult to know how to take the site forward. What I do know is that the site has succeeded in helping welders find jobs throughout the world and for that reason I have decided to update the site with a face lift and now to include a jobsite specifically for welders.

There is more to do, which should happen quickly, within the next day or two where you will not only be able to apply for jobs but also post your cv online.

So bear with me while I add move vacancies to the site in the coming days.

NB for companies looking to recruit I will make it free to advertise in the short term.

Welding Jobs in Barrow in Furness

It looks like BAE systems are still keen on recruiting for their defence contracts in Barrow, as can be seen by this latest press release from WorkLifeBarrow.
Where Christian Elliott, BAE Systems Submarine Solutions’ HR and Communications director, says:

“It’s a privilege to be in a position to be recruiting in such gloomy economic climates, so we see the new website as an important part of our drive to further recruit skilled and professional personnel over the coming year.
“It is vital those looking to relocate to south Cumbria have a clear picture of the considerable benefits of living in this area, and www.worklifebarrow.co.uk does this extremely well.”

So if you pop over to www.worklifebarrow.co.uk you will see all BAE vacancies plus the welding roles available.

Good luck

Welder Inverter Stolen

I am a little late with this post but it did catch my attention, partly as one often hears about welding equipment being stolen, but in this case it was specific to a welder inverter. OK they aren’t cheap but on top of this they also stole the TV.

For the welder in question I am sure the TV being stolen frustrating as I am sure it is but the Inverted Welder must be a major blow as it will be his lively hood.

As with anything thieves when they steal things it is the impact it has on the individual that is the greatest issue.

You can read more on this post here.

MIG Welding Art

When it comes to welding we generally think of constructional work, which is why I want to bring to your attention some fantastic work that Metal Sculptress Zophia Kneiss has been producing, which can be seen here at Burning Art.

You have to admit the Dragon Sculpture is something else, any way the reason for spotting her work, was due to her work for charity, where she is producing small Angel figurines to help raise money for breast cancer, which her partner Julie Thurman is suffering from.

We can can her father for teaching Zophia the skill of welder at 13. To know more you can also see an interview she did for Knoxnews.com

Tig Welder

Again i thought this video of what is TIG welding would be of interest too, from this experienced tig welder, whom seems to have a passion for building or reworking old cars.

TIG Welding stands for Tungsten Inert Gas also known as GTAW or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, but you knew that of course. Still I thought the video was put together well and I certainly liked the Bugatti looking car in the background

Tig Welding BasicsA funny movie is a click away